Indian agencies issue alerts for possible Chinese cyber attack

Make sure your site is secure.  ????????????????????????????????????????Make Your WordPress site safer. ➡ Never use any nulled plugin or theme.➡ Update your wordpress to latest version.➡ Use updated plugins and themes only.➡ Frequently Change Password➡ Never use 'admin' as a user id.➡ Use Antivirus and Anti Malware in Your ... Read More »

23rd Jun 2020
Blog | Free SEO Panel for all your websites performance tracking

SEO is very popular but less monitored thing for most of business. We do tracking of SEO during initial stages of website development but with the passage of time it is not the priority of any business and that site get ignored and start losing rank with active SEO competitors

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4th May 2020
Lockdown | Support Update due to Covid 19

Hi, As we are in digital business non of our service will get affected with Lockdown or Covid 19. We are following and constantly monitoring Government instructions to keep our staff and working environment safe. Work from home policy has been already applied since last week.  For any support feel free to create support ticket, our team will be ... Read More »

23rd Mar 2020
PHP 7.4 Available Now | You can upgrade to latest version


In your cpanel latest you can set PHP 7.4 , consult with your developer if you need to upgrade. 

All existing version are also available and your selected version will be as it is until you want it to make live. 

Thank you

11th Mar 2020
Auto SSL Insatlled replaced with Let's Encrypt


Now you do not need to manually install SSL using Let's Encrypt, SSL will be automatically installed and renewed. You can check SSL status for your domains from CPanel. 

Login to CPanel and click on SSL Status. 

You can click on Run Auto SSL Installer to issue SSL. 

Thank You

5th Mar 2020
JetBackup Updated to Latest Version

Dear Customer,

Based on recent changes in Backup softwares and to give you access to latest versions we have upgraded your jetBackup, now you can download and restore more fast than ever. 

You are enjoying free backup with MR Cloud Hosting. 


Thank you

9th Jan 2020
No Increase in Hosting Plan Price due to hike in cost of CPanel Licence

Dear Client / Reseller, You may be aware of the recent price hike in CPanel applied from July 2019. They have shaken the web hosting community with its recent price rise announcement. They have changed its pricing model from per-server pricing to a per-account model.  We received many tickets from customers asking about possibilities of new ... Read More »

2nd Aug 2019
Same Price Renewal Gaurantee


Many of queries received from our customer that is there any price hike on renewal?

We have already stated that renewal will be at the same rate, no price hike is there for renewal. 


Thank You

15th May 2019
GITHUB Integration Launched


You can now connect your CPanel with GitHub repository through CPanel directly. 

It will auto release and publish all fresh commits on repositories you linked. 


Thank You

10th May 2019
Blog | Addon Domain vs Aliases Domain vs Subdomain

Confused between domain, Addon Domain vs Aliases Domain vs Subdomain?

What is the right option among Addon Domain, Aliases Domain and Subdomain for your requirements? <<Read More

13th Mar 2019